Raphaël: Violin Player
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Joh. Adriaan Moens Artist Management

Established in 1992, our agency has acquired a reputation in the field of baroque music and musicians. This website provides extensive biographies, news, reviews and discographies of some preeminent baroque musicians and ensembles. You can find out about the musicians' current concert schedules. Or, if you are promoter, you can get information about future projects and availability.

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Fabio Biondi  [N]
John Holloway

Jaap ter Linden 

Piano, organ, harpsichord
Richard Egarr [recitals BEN, G]
Olga Pashchenko

Traverso, flute
Alexis Kossenko 

Jaap ter Linden

Special promotions
William Carter, lute
Masumi Nagasawa, harp

Orchestras (original instruments)

The Academy of Ancient Music  [N, G]

Europa Galante  [N, G]

Les Ambassadeurs
Dir. Alexis Kossenko


John Holloway, Violin
Jaap ter Linden, Violoncello
Lars Ulrik Mortensen, Harpsichord

John Holloway, Violin
Jane Gower, Dulcian
Lars Ulrik Mortensen, Harpsichord

Les Ambassadeurs Chamber Ensemble
Alexis Kossenko, Flute
Zefira Valova, Violin
Tomas Dalen, Violoncello
Violaine Chochard, Harpsichord

Fretwork [BEN, G/Switz/A]
(Viol consort)

Ensemble Clément Janequin [N, G]

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